Sacro Monte At Induno Olona...
... my welcome
I always liked the concept of B&B. Traveling in northern Europe with my husband, at the time still without children, we have been hosted by families, in houses, which we will always remember….in particular the familiarness of the room, the smile of the hosts, the simplicity of gestures, the cordiality, which quasi urged us to go "home" to savour a rest and feel even more part of the places we were visiting. To feel home away from home is really the fascination and strength of a B&B.

For work related and personal reasons, together with my husband and our three children, we moved several times to various European countries. So we know from personal experience the significance of the word "welcome!"

From Germany, country of origin of my husband, we moved to the Netherlands and then, 10 years ago came back to Italy, to a region new to both of us.

Therefore languages are at home in our house. In fact we speak fluently, apart from Italian and German, also English, French and Dutch.

I am glad to have started this activity and to dedicate a good deal of my time and energy to La Casetta, as well as my passion for good cooking, the "art of welcoming" and culture so that my guests cannot avoid to feel the desire to return.